Monitoring within Addigy is a method of checking the facts of devices in your portfolio for important changes. An Alert is a monitoring item that triggers when a certain condition is met about a particular fact. This means that alerts are powerful tools to react to the state of your devices. When alerts trigger, they either send emails to a list of recipients or generate a ticket in a configured ticketing integration (see Send ticket on alert below).

To create a Custom Monitoring item, select the Policies link on the Navigation bar, and go to the Catalog at the top-left section of the page.

Under the Custom Monitoring tab click Add Alert.

Fill out all the fields in the Create Alert modal window that appears. Here is a short description of each field:

  • Alert name: a name for the alert that will appear in your Catalog and View Details sections of Addigy.
  • Emails to send alerts: a list of emails that will receive an email notification when the alert triggers.
  • Choose Category: a category that can be used to filter your alerts in the Monitoring page.
  • Alert Fact: the fact that will be checked on the device for this alert.
  • Alert Level: the seriousness of this alert.
  • Send ticket on alert: instead of sending emails, send a ticket to the ticketing integration configured in Support -> Integrations

Click Create Alert in the bottom right of window to finish creating your new alert. The alert will now show as an item in your monitoring catalog.