Custom Software that you have developed within Addigy can be shared with other Addigy partners. 

This means our community has a great opportunity to work together to solve problems.

Organizations must be pre-approved to share Custom Software.

If your Organization is not pre-approved to share Custom Software you will not have the 'Make Public' option discussed below.

To make a custom software public, navigate to the Custom Software Catalog section of the Policies page.

Click on the icon or name of the software item you're going to publish and make sure you're viewing details of the correct version. Then click Make public.

Note: Software that is being edited cannot be shared. 

You will need to finish editing the software before you can publish it to our Public Catalog. 

Also, Public Software cannot be edited; you will need to make it private first and then edit it.

To make a public custom software private:

1. Click on the software icon or software name.

2. Select the software version you want to make private.

3. Click on the "Make private" button.

*Please consider that when you make a public software private you will be removing all uses of this software in ALL Addigy organizations. An email will be send to ALL organizations currently using the software to notify them that the software has been removed.

To see Public Software details

Navigate to the Public Software catalog section in the policies page.

Click on the Software icon or name. 

Under the "Details" section you will see  information regarding the software including:

  • Company&User that created the software
  • Creation Date
  • Current version ratings
  • General software ratings
  • Your vote on the software, 
  • How many companies are currently using the software.
  • Software content, files, conditions, instructions

To rate a software:

Click on a star corresponding to your vote in the Current Versions stars.

To comment on a software:

Add your comment in the comment text area and click on "Add Comment".

To vote on a software comment:

Click on the thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons for the comment you want to vote on.

When a user adds a comment to a software, an email will be sent to notify the software owner.  If you make a public software private, ratings, comments and votes regarding this software will be lost.

To disable Software Sharing from your organization:

Click on the Settings icon. 

Click on "Software Sharing" switch to disable (if enabled) sharing custom software for your company.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.