First, complete the configurations defined in the IT Glue Integration Guide.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the instructions in this guide, please contact IT Glue for support.

Next, navigate to the Support -> Integrations section within the platform and click on the IT Glue widget. 

Confirm the IT Glue Integration Guide has been reviewed and this is the desired integration.

NOTE: IT Glue only supports the top-level policy or Parent Policy from within Addigy.

IT Glue maintains this integration and all that is required from within Addigy is to create a API Key for IT Glue. The following images walk through creating an API Key for IT Glue:

Define a name for your API Key so it can be easily identified in the case it needs to be rotated:

Take note of the Client ID and Client Secret for inserting them into IT Glue. Also note, the keys will not be available after closing the window.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.