Addigy provides its partners with the ability to add accounts that are restricted to specific policies and their child policies. This feature can be very useful for enabling end-users limited access to their devices.

Step 1: Navigate to Account > Users on the left side panel.

Step 2: Find the user you wish to restrict and click the Edit button. This will open the Edit User window where you can alter user details (except for email) and Policy Restrictions.

Step 3: Select the policies you wish to restrict the user to from the list on the Edit User window.

Step 4: Click the Save button to ensure your changes are applied.

*Note, these are new policy restrictions added for demo purposes

Additonally, it should be noted that if the user selected is restricted to a Parent Policy then that user will also gain access to that policy's Child Policies. 

Here you can see that after the user's settings were saved, the user now has access to the additonal policies selected on the previous screenshot.

Once changes are saved, the user will not be able to see devices in your organization that are outside of the policies. This means that providing them with the appropriate agent downloads for their allowed policies is very important. If their device is added to your organization but is not in any of their policies, then they will not be able to interact with it.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.