Our Go-Live pages allow you to get complete control on a per machine basis. From the Go-live page we can:

  1. Grab an overview of a devices facts. (Battery, FileVault status, Gatekeeper settings, Location, Firewall status, disk space, and more).
  2. Run commands directly into the terminal.
  3. Check Port Usage.
  4. Run speed test.
  5. Check for Available updates.
  6. Software Metering.
  7. View installed applications.
  8. Check system alerts.
  9. View tickets from that machine.
  10. View users on that machine.
  11. Manage FileVault encryption.
  12. Push one off Software/Profile Deployments.
  13. One off file transfer to the machine.

To get to the Go-Live page of a machine, you can head to the Devices page and click on the green arrow next to your device,

or you can select the green arrow next to the device name on the left hand side under the Navigation options