Addigy Data Collection 

Device specific data in Addigy

Addigy processes data from our Data Controller's (Addigy Customers) who sign up for Addigy Services. These Data Controllers have the ability to install the Addigy Agent on macOS, iOS and tvOS Devices only. 

The Addigy Agent collects the required device data in order to perform Remote Monitoring and Management Services for IT Departments and Service Companies. (e.g. IP Address, MAC Address, Device Name, and Username, etc)

Data Controllers have the ability to enable functionality to collect other types of data (e.g. Software Metering can be enabled to monitor the traffic usage and network usage on a device, custom scripting can be created by the controller to retrieve other types of information).

The Addigy Agent maintains specific information about the device in order to perform its required tasks for the duration the Addigy Agent is installed on the device.

Personal Identifiable Device information includes:

  •         Ethernet MAC Address

  •         Device Name

  •         Mac UUID

  •         ScreenConnect SessionId

  •         LocalHost Name

  •         TeamViewer Client Id

  •         Serial Number

  •         Splashtop ID

  •         Local IP

  •         Admin Users

This device information is restricted and only available to the Data Controller. Addigy as a Data Processor does not record or maintain a log of this type of information and once it is updated or deleted, we cannot confirm the previous status of the device(s). 

Additionally, the following data can be collected by the Addigy Agent / Addigy Platform and maintained by the Data Collector:

  • Software Metering Data is maintained for 30 Days (1 Months).

  • Event Actions performed in the Addigy Console by Owner, Admin, and User level roles are maintained for 90 days (3 Months).

This data can be exported via Reports or CSV for Data Portability and Data Visibility. 

User specific data in Addigy

  • Addigy has user specific data correlated to its Addigy Users. An Addigy user is created by an Organization Administrator or the Administrator of the Organization will create the Addigy Account. In which case the Full Name, User Name, and Phone Number are required. This level of personal information is required to access the Addigy Interface. If the User level information would like to be changed - please contact your Data Controller.

  • Support Ticket creations will reference this User Information upon ticket submission to reference the Addigy Users.

  • Addigy Multi-Factor Authentication can use the phone number of the Addigy User to validate the secure login.

Below is a full list of Default Device Facts collected from our Agent and their Description:

Device Fact NameDescription
32_bit_applicationsLlists 32bit apps and returns a list separated by new lines. Catalina or newer returns n/a.
active_managed_usersLists a UDID of the active managed user who are a special type of users on macOS Devices in 10.15+
admin_usersList all Users who are type admin
agent_versionLists the current Agent Version installed on the Device
awaiting_configurationLists if the device is Awaiting Device Configuration in Automated Device Enrollment
battery_capacity_loss_percentageLists the Battery Capacity Loss Percentage of a Device. This is to indicate Device Battery Health Status
battery_chargingReturns if current device is charging
battery_cyclesLists the number of Battery Cycles of a Device. This is to indicate Device Battery Health Status
battery_failuresLists the number of Battery Failures of a Device. This is to indicate Device Battery Health Status
battery_life_remaining_percentageReturns the devices battery percentage
battery_percentageReturns the devices battery temperature in Celsius
battery_temperature_celsiusReturns the devices battery temperature in Celsius
battery_temperature_fahrenheitReturns the devices battery temperature in Fahrenheit
bluetooth_macReturns True/False if the device's bluetooth is on/off
build_versionLists the macOS Build Version for the Device.
cpu_speed_GHzReturns CPU speed in GHZ
cpu_typeReturns CPU specifications
crashplan_last_backupReturns the days since last crashplan backup
current_userLists the Current User's Username
device_model_nameLists the Device Model Name for the Device
device_nameLists the Host Name of the Device as the Device Name
disk_free_percentageReturns percentage of free disk space
disk_free_space_gbReturns number of free disk space in GB
disk_total_space_gbReturn total number of free disk space in GB
display_onLists if the Display is turned on for the device
ethernet_mac_addressLists the Ethernet MAC Address for the device if Applicable.
filevault_enabledReturns True/False if the Device is FileVault Enabled
firewall_allowed_applicationsReturns list of firewall's whitelisted applications
firewall_block_all_incoming_connectionsReturns True/False depending if Device has the option "Block all incoming connections" enabled/disabled
firewall_blocked_applicationsReturns list of firewall's blocked applications
firewall_enabledReturns True/False if firewall is enabled
firewall_stealth_mode_enabledReturns True/False depending if Device has "stealth mode" is enabled/disabled
firmware_password_allow_oromsReturns if optional roms are allowed
firmware_password_change_pendingReturns if firmware password change is pending
firmware_password_password_existsReturns if firmware password is set
gatekeeper_enabledReturns True/False if Gatekeeper is enabled
hardware_modelLists the Devices Hardware Model information
has_mdmReturns True/False if Addigy MDM is installed
has_mdm_profile_approvedReturns True/False if Addigy MDM is User Approved (10.13.4 or higher)
has_wirelessReturns True/False if device has wireless interface
host_nameReturns hostname of the device, if set
installed_profilesReturns a list of installed profiles on device
java_vendorReturns the creator/maintainer of the JVM
kernel_panicReturns if Device had experienced a kernel panic
lan_cache_size_mbReturns size of lan cache folder in mb
languagesReturns language set on device (returns language of logged in user)
last_reboot_timestampReturns date and time of last reboot
local_ipReturns local IP based on interface priority
localesReturns UTF language and country code
localhost_nameReturns local hostname of the device
management_status_enrolled_via_depReturns if the device was enrolled via ADE / DEP (10.13.4 or higher)
manufactured_dateReturns manufactured date of device (Only valid for devices manufactured before March 2021)
os_platformReturns the macOS platform
os_versionReturns major, minor, patch version of macOS
peer_countReturns other clients nearby for lan cache
product_descriptionReturns specific device type
product_nameReturns model identifier of the hardware
remote_desktop_enabledReturns True/False status of Apple Remote Desktop
remote_login_enabledReturns True/False status of Remote Login (ssh)
screenconnect_sessionidMove third-party software to community
serial_numberReturns device serial number
smart_failingReturns if primary drive has a SMART error
system_integrity_protection_enabledReturns if SIP is enabled (10.11 or higher)
system_versionReturns os_version and build_version
teamviewer_clientidReturns client ID of team viewer
third_party_agentsReturns a list of device level launch agents
third_party_daemonsReturns a list of device level launch daemons
third_party_kernel_extensionsReturns a list of third party kexts
timemachine_last_backupReturns days since last timemachine backup
timemachine_last_backup_dateReturns last date of timemachine backup
timezoneReturns the current timezone
tmp_size_mbReturns size of tmp folder in mb
total_memory_gbReturns total installed memory
udidReturns unique device id
uptime_daysReturns number of uptime in days (if less than 1 day fact returns 0)
used_memoryReturns memory currently in use
warranty_days_leftReturns days left on Apple warranty of device (Only valid for devices manufactured before March 2021)
warranty_expiration_dateReturns date of Apple warranty expiration of device (Only valid for devices manufactured before March 2021)
watchman_monitoring_installReturns True/False if watchman monitoring is installed
wifi_mac_addressReturns Wi-Fi MAC address
xcode_installedReturns if xcode is installed on device

Additionally, MDM Facts are collected these facts are detailed by Apple at the following links:

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.