Addigy ConnectWise Control (ScreenConnect) Integration

Addigy has a native integration with ConnectWise Control (Formerly known as ScreenConnect).

This provides a Remote Control functionality within the Addigy Cloud Platform to connect to devices.

To enable ScreenConnect Integration within Addigy, navigate to the 'Support > Integrations > ScreenConnect Tile > Review the details and enable the toggle':  

After the ScreenConnect Remote Control Integration has been enabled, it will start deploying the ScreenConnect client to managed macOS Devices.

The 'ScreenConnect' icon will appear in the Devices page next to each device in the grid, as a selectable option to initiate a remote control session to a specific device:

When the ScreenConnect icon is selected, it will attempt to launch the ScreenConnect Application ('ConnectWiseControl') on the Addigy Admin users device.

The User Interface will now present an option to download the ScreenConnect Application, if it is not already installed on the admin device:

Note: If the 'ConnectWiseControl' is not present on the admin device the remote control session will not start.

When the Viewer Application is installed and you launch the session it should successfully launch the ScreenConnect Viewer:

There are additional steps necessary for enabling ConnectWise Control on macOS 10.15 and higher. Please see this information for details. Users will be prompted if the steps are not met as shown below:

When launching a ScreenConnect Remote Control Session, the device will show the following on the end-users device:

  • There will be a notification to the end-user that the computer is being controlled by admin
  • The background will in most cases change to 'BLACK' and revert after the session ends (It was previously 'BLUE').
  • 'Policies > Policy > Integrations' provides the ability to toggle for user approval and to disable the integration on this specific policy
  • A ScreenConnect icon will appear in the menubar with chat, session, and sound options.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.