Apple's Business Manager (ABM) program provides the same methods of purchasing and assigning apps from the App Store using Apps & Books (formerly VPP). Addigy integrates seamlessly with Business Manager Apps & Books to create an environment where you can easily manage your devices and the apps associated with them.  


The following requirements are needed to proceed with the Apps & Books Integration within Addigy using Apple Business Manager:

  1. Apple Business Manager account
  2. Apps and Books tied to your Apple Business Manager account
  3. Administrator access in Apple Business Manager
  4. Owner access in Addigy (or similar privileges to edit Integrations)
  5. An MDM Profile is created and defined in Policies -> Integrations (under the desired policy) -> Mobile Device Management (MDM) Integration

Enabling the Addigy Apps & Books Integration

To enable the Addigy Apps & Books integration, an account with Create Integrations privileges for your organization must enable the integration in Support -> Integrations. This will enable the Apps & Books capabilities in the Policies page.

Now, head over to the Policies page to link your Apple Business Manager Account account with an Addigy policy.

Configuring of Addigy Apps & Books Integration

Once enabled, you will be able to associate your Addigy Policies with different Apps & Books accounts. 

Navigate to the desired policy in the Policies page. In the Integrations portion of the policy, follow the instructions to enable your Apps & Books assets for that policy.

To obtain your Apps & Books Token, navigate to Settings -> Apps and Books -> My Server Tokens inside Apple Business Manager.

Once you download the server token file, you can upload the file into the Apps & Books integration section of an Addigy policy. Once your token is applied, you will see your company name and the expiration date within Addigy to validate the correct account is connected.

Apps & Books Assets will now show in the assets section underneath the Apps & Books Integration configuration. You can apply the app licenses to the policy in the Apps and Books Assets tab.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.