Addigy TwoFactorAuth has been deprecated and will be disabled on March 31, 2020. 

Read about the deprecation and your options to enable replacement 2FA here

The Addigy Two-Factor Auth Integration is an included feature on the Addigy platform to help enhance user security.

The Two-Factor Auth Integration can be enabled on the Support > Integrations page - don't forget to read the instructions prior to enabling the integration.

Enabling Addigy Two-Factor Auth Integration

Navigate to Support > Integrations, and select the TwoFactorAuth Integration tile, read the instructions and related information, and enable when your team is ready:

When enabled Addigy Two-Factor Auth will email all users created in the Addigy Interface, asking to configure Addigy Two-Factor Auth.

Until they can configure the Two-Factor Auth they will not be allowed to login.

The two-factor auth setup email is a time-based link that will expire.

Below is an example email of the Two-Factor Auth Registration:

The user would need to select the referenced URL which would re-direct them to configure two-factor auth.

Below is an example screen you will see to enable two-factor auth:

Select verify on the page to finish configuring the Addigy two-factor auth.

Once you select the 'Verify' button, you will have the option to select SMS or Call option to dictate how you want your Two-Factor Auth to validate your login.

By default, the SMS option is selected, using the 'Send Verification Code' button will immediately send a test message to the phone number associated to the user who is enabling two-factor auth.

Once you enter the 'Verification Code'  and Select the 'Done' button, it will change the status to 'Verified';

After verification has been completed with Addigy `TwoFactorAuth` you should see green 'Verified' check marks on the page.

The configured user can now login to the Addigy Platform using the TwoFactor Authentication mechanism:

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.