In order to use Addigy's Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration, you'll first need to create an Apple Push Certificate. Apple Push Certificates are used to authenticate with Apple's Push Notification Service (APNS) for sending MDM commands and MDM Profiles to your iOS and macOS devices.

Creating Apple Push Certificates

In the following Knowledge Base article, we walk you through the steps it takes to create an Apple Push Certificate in your Environment.

Creating Apple Push Certificates

Assigning Apple Push Certificates

When Assigning Apple Push Certificates, you have two options that are dependent on whether you manage multiple organizations or you only represent a single organization:

A. If you manage multiple organizations in your Addigy Environment - Addigy allows you to upload and manage multiple Apple Push Certificates to stay in compliance with Apple's MDM Terms of Service, which requires that all managed organizations have their own individual Apple Push Certificate.

Setting up Policy MDM Profiles for a Multi-Tenant Environment

B. If you are managing only a single organization under your Addigy Environment - Addigy allows you to set up a Global MDM, which will deploy a single Apple Push Certificate MDM profile to all devices.

Setting up the Global MDM Profile

Renewing Apple Push Certificates

Apple Push Certificates do not auto-renew and must be manually renewed after one year. This article shows you how to renew your Apple Push Certificate in Addigy.

Renewing Apple Push Certificates

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