The Portfolio Score is an item of the executive report that is based off of four subcategories:

Latest Patch Score

Checks the number of available system updates for the device:

IF 0 = 100%,

IF 1-2 = 75%,

IF 3-5 = 50%,

IF more than 5 = 25%

The available updates can be seen System Updates under a given policy:

Latest Score

This is based off the the OS version on the device versus the latest OS version available from Apple.

If <= 10.14 then 100%

If 10.13 then 75%

If 10.12 then 50%

If 10.11 then 25%

Disk Space 

This is based off of the used disk space on the devices.

If  <=80% disk spaced used then 100% 

If 85% disk space used then 75% 

If 90% disk space used then 50% 

If 95% disk space used then 25%


Based off of how many Alerts are triggered.

If 0 alarms are currently triggered then 100%

If 4 alarms  are currently triggered then 75%

If 10 alarms are currently triggered then 50%

if 20 alarms are currently triggered then 25%


Everything has a 1:1 weight.

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