Addigy MDM is included as part of the Addigy Service and is strongly recommended for use with the Addigy Agent.

Using the Addigy Agent with a Third-Party MDM Provider is possible and we strongly recommend building or using our pre-defined Addigy Agent PPPC Profiles by distributing them out via your Third-Party MDM Provider.

When you do not use Addigy MDM, we would not automatically whitelist Addigy Agent and Integration functionality like we normally do via Addigy MDM  - More information on this is detailed in this link:

Therefore, you should push out Privacy Policy Preference Control Payloads via the Third-Party MDM to all devices that will have the Addigy Agent, this will whitelist Addigy Agent functionality on the device. You can find these payload examples in this link:

Functionality that requires Addigy MDM from within the Addigy Console:

(Note: These functions are ONLY available via an MDM Solution, which is why they are not supported if you do not use Addigy MDM)

1. MDM Commands: (Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, iOS Updates, Set Wallpaper via MDM, Rotate FileVault Key, Enable Lost Mode, Disable Lost Mode, Lost Mode Location, Restart Device, Shutdown Device, Clear Restrictions Passcode, List Provisioning Profiles, Refresh Cellular Plans, Request/Stop AirPlay, Clear Device Passcode, and any new MDM Commands introduced both via the API or the GUI)
2. MDM Configurations
(All MDM Configurations within Policies > Catalog)
3. Automatic Device Enrollment (Formerly known as DEP)
4. Apps & Books (Formerly known as VPP)

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.