The purpose of this KB article is to assist in deploying Adobe Creative Cloud applications. This will guide you step by step starting from the Creative Cloud console, on how to download and manage these apps and deploy within Addigy. 


  1. Please login to your:
  2. Click on Packages.
  3. Click on Create a Package.
  4.  Select Managed Package. 
  5. Select your desire Language.
  6. Choose your Adobe Suite App that you desire, is strongly recommend, that you select on App at a time, and create a package for each application individually, for example, Photoshop.
  7. Click on Options & Select all the customize options pertinent to your settings. 
  8. Click Next and Finish. A package will generate, once generated please click Download. 

  9. This will generate a DMG file, once downloaded, please open and double click.

  11. Select the Location of where the download of the Adobe .pkg location. 
  12. Once File is Downloaded open the File Location of the .pkg 

  14. Double Click and unzip the file downloaded. 
  15. Open the folder Photoshop --> Build --> Photoshop_Install.pkg
  16. Compress the Photoshop_Install.pkg, by right-clicking on the file and click compress.  (This will be the file application that you will upload to Addigy for deployment)
  17. Make sure to rename your .zip file from to
  18. Enter your environment Policies --> Catalog --> Custom Software.

  19. Click Add Software.

  20. Name your Software Identifier Example: Photoshop CC (20.0.8) and software version 20.0.8.

  21. On Installation File Select the .zip file named & Upload to Addigy.

  22. In order to properly deploy the Adobe Suite application you’ll first need to unzip the file and then run the installer. You can use the following example script to this, please modify accordingly to your version of Adobe Package: 
  23.  unzip -o "/Library/Addigy/ansible/packages/Photoshop CC (20.0.8) and software version 20.0.8 (20.0.8)/"                                                                                                                /usr/sbin/installer -pkg "/Library/Addigy/ansible/packages/Photoshop CC (20.0.8) and software version 20.0.8 (20.0.8)/Photoshop_Addigy_Install.pkg" -target /

  24. You can also add the following condition script to check the successful installation of the product:

    /bin/ls "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2020/Adobe Photoshop"

  25. Save Changes. 
  26. Add to your desired policy from the catalog. 
  27. Please make sure to test the deployments to test virtual machines via both Go Live & Policy deployment, prior to rollout to your users. In addition, these products contain very large packages, so we highly recommend deploying one product at a time so avoid network saturation. 
  28. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.