The Apps and Books token (previously known as a VPP token) allows for communication between Addigy and Apple to facilitate easy deployment of Apps from the App Store. This token requires yearly renewals in order to maintain proper communication and can also be invalidated if an Administrator within Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager uses the forgot password feature to reset their password. This article will go over how to renew an existing token within Addigy.


Finding Expired or Invalid Token

Tokens within Addigy that are in a disabled state will have events logged within Dashboard >> Events. To get a high level view of which tokens or how many are currently not working, an Addigy administrator can add a filter of Receiver Type = vpp-token to quickly find all logged events (logged events are kept for up to 90 days). Below is a screenshot showing an example error message.

Additionally, error messages can be found when navigating to the Apps and Books Assets section within a Policy or by navigating to Policy >> Integrations >> Apps and Books. Within this page, there will be a large red error box that presents the error message near the Scan Now button

Renewing Expired or Invalid Token

To renew an Apps and Books token that is in a non-working state, first go to or (depending on your organization type) and login. Please ensure that the account permissions are at least Content Manager or higher as the next steps will not show if proper permissions are missing within Apple.

Once logged into the portal, select Settings in the bottom left and then Apps and Books from the sub navigation on the left. Once the page loads, download the Apps and Books token that will be associated with the Policy within Addigy.

Now that the fresh Apps and Books token is downloaded, Click the Renew button within the Policy in Addigy. This will bring up a window where the token can be dropped into or be clicked on to open a file browser to select the file. Once the file is selected, click Save to upload the file to Addigy

The last step after uploading the Apps and Books token is to confirm that the information is correct. An example of this confirmation window is shown below. This window will display identification number, name, Apple ID, and organization that the token is associated with. Please verify this information prior to clicking the final save on this window.

Verifying Apps and Books token

Now that the Apps and Books token has been renewed, the page will request information from Apple and refresh all the licenses that are associated to it. This will not revoke or remove any applications from devices associated with this token. Once the initial scan is complete, times and dates of the last successful sync will show on this page.

Token Errors When Renewing

In a small number of cases, there can be a case where a token will not be able to renew. These are usually when the identifier of the token that was expired does not match the identifier of the token that is being used to renew. In this case, it is best to use the Remove Token button to disassociated and remove the old token prior to adding the token with the new identifier.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.