June 4, 2020

Over the next several weeks there are changes to Addigy and to Apple Business/School Manager that may require you to take action! When we have confirmed a release date for the following items an update to our status page will be posted. You may subscribe to receive status updates via email, text, or rss. 

1.  The week of June 8th Addigy will be shipping a major new version of Self Service. Self Service is now a native Mac application built in Swift. Full details of what to expect and what your end users need to know are here. Note that no PPPC changes are required for this release. You still have time to try the beta of Self Service, here are the details


2. macOS Catalina, iOS, and iPadOS 13+ introduced a the ability to brand and customize the new device setup process. Addigy is proud to announce this capability has now been added for your use! You can see a video of the onboarding experience you can provide to your users and full details on setting this up here

3. Apple announced that on June 16, 2020 the terms and conditions for Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager will change. If you are enrolling devices or deploying apps via these programs you will need to accept these new terms and conditions before you can enroll additional devices or continue to deploy apps and books. Full details can be found here.


4. Addigy will be deploying new versions of several Addigy Agent components including the go-agent and Collector. If you are using a 3rd party MDM provider you will need to deploy new PPPC profiles in support of this release. Addigy keeps the most current PPPCs here along with directions on deploying them. If you are using Addigy MDM, the new profiles will be deployed automatically. Additional details will be provided when we are closer to shipping these changes. Note that with this change your users running macOS 10.14+ are likely to see prompts. 


The full list of changes for these releases will be included in the release notice and on the Addigy releases page here. 

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing support@addigy.com.

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.