The onboarding experience for Apple devices is a core pillar to user enablement and streamlining new device deployments. With macOS Catalina (10.15), iOS and iPadOS 13- a greater ability to brand and customize the setup process has been introduced. We are excited to announce that we have added the Automated Device Enrollment Branding and Customization into Addigy!

Image of Setup Assistant with custom Terms of Service

With these new capabilities, we have added the ability to show or add the following items into the Setup Assistant:

  • Custom brand-able logo per policy
  • Unique authentication code that can be up to fifteen digits
  • Terms of Service or Privacy Policy page that requires acceptance to continue enrollment

These three new additions into Automated Device Enrollment were added with the goal of making the setup process of new Apple Devices more secure by adding additional layers of verification and clarity for the end-user to which organization will be supporting their device.

All of these options can be enabled or disabled separately of each other to create a tailored experience for your end-users. Below is a screenshot of what the new settings will look like under Policy >> Integrations >> Automated Device Enrollment. 

For devices that are not running supported versions of macOS, iOS, or iPadOS, they will continue to function as they have prior to this addition and will continue through Automated Device Enrollment.

End-User Experience Videos

Below are embedded videos of what the end-user experience can be with all three of these new options enabled.

macOS Setup Assistant


iOS Setup Assistant


macOS Profile Renewal


Additional Resources

For more information, Apple has posted a few publicly available documents:

WWDC 2019 - What's New in Managing Apple Devices - Session 303 (timestamp 51:16)

Apple Developer Documentation - Authenticating Through Web Views

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