Addigy is upgrading Self Service to an all new version shortly and we wanted to share what you and your end users can expect. If you have been using an earlier beta of Self Service via the Public Software catalog, you should remove that from the policies you enabled it for. 

You can get a full overview of the new Self Service here

A few of the changes your users will see if Self Service. 

Your users will immediately see an all new look when Self Service is opened. The new Self Service is a native Swift Application and supports Dark Mode. It's been designed from the ground up to look more like the App Store and most importantly like a native macOS Application. 

If you use the default Self Service Icon in the dock and menu bar of your users, the Self Service Icon is going to change. Note that if you've customized your Self Service Icons, your customizations will still work.

Old Dock Icon:

New Dock Icon:

New Tool Bar Icon: 

The other major change involves the Self Service menu in the tool bar. The current menu allows users to do very little, including no way to close Self Service

The new Self Service behaves as a standard macOS application 

About MacManage will show the current version of Self Service/MacManage running on a device 

When the new Self Service deploys to your user's machines they may see: 

  • If the old Self Service is open the new Self Service will not appear until Self Service is quite or the process cancelled 
  • If you are using the default Addigy Icons the dock may close and then reopen with the new Addigy Icon in the dock and menu bar 
  • The new Self Service will deploy at different times for your policies and devices. Factors that apply to when the new Self Service will arrive on your devices include: 
    • When a Policy is deployed
    • When a device checks into Addigy next 
    • The next time a device is online 

 Update Prompts 

  • If you have added your branding to appear for Update prompts, that logo will continue to display when prompts appear.
  • Your user's will now also see an additional prompt when they are alerted to an Update. In the legacy Self Service users would see an alert from system notifications. The new Self Service adds an additional prompt that will appear in the foreground of their desktop like: (Note, your branding would appear in place of the Addigy Logo.)  
  • When the update process begins your users will see this. It will disappear on its own. 

Additional Details

If the application is being opened for the first time, your users will experience the following prompt:

Clients may also experience a bash prompt:

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.