Addigy will be shipping several changes between June 30, 2020 and mid-July that may impact you and your users. 

  1. User Interface Changes in Policies Page - June 30 2020 (completed)

Tuesday June 30, 2020 you will see a change to the Policy UI. We are in the process of making major improvements to Policy and Catalog. These changes will be slowly rolling out over several months. To start these changes, we are first deploying minor UI enhancements to how the Policy tree looks, behaves, and feels.  

  1. Addigy MDM Profile Update - July 6 2020: Estimated Time: 9pm ET, 1am Tuesday July 7 GMT (completed)

On Monday, July 6th 2020, Addigy will be updating MDM Profiles that were installed prior to June 16 2020. While no disruption in service is expected there will be a small time window where the MDM Profiles on devices are re-deployed. More information is available here.

  1. Addigy PPPC Changes - July 15, 2020 9 pm ET, July 16, 2020 1 AM UTC, (originally scheduled for Monday July 13 2020) (completed) 

On Wednesday, July 15 at 9 pm ET / Thursday July 16 at 1 AM  Addigy  will be deploying new versions of the Addigy Collector, Auditor, and the Create User Script. In support of these changes Addigy will also need to update the PPPC (Privacy Preferences Policy Controls) for those items as well as the Addigy go-agent PPPC. 

After this occurs it is possible your users may see a prompt from the Addigy go-agent, Collector, or Auditor at the time of deployment or, if the user is not using their machine, the next time they login to their account. 

This KB (updated July 10) explains the machine configurations that may lead to pop-ups, what the pop-ups look like and provides an explanation of what actions are necessary if the user clicks “Don’t Allow”.  

If you are deploying the Addigy PPPCs via a 3rd party MDM you may get the latest version of the PPPCs from this KB

  1. ConnectWise Control (ScreenConnect) Maintenance -  Rescheduled

Planned for July 18 2020 @ 7 AM Eastern US Time. During this maintenance ConnectWise remote control access may be temporarily unavailable.

  1. *Tentative* - Addigy Cloud Maintenance  Rescheduled

During this maintenance the Addigy Cloud Infrastructure and Systems will be unavailable. This maintenance will result in the inability to use the Addigy Cloud Interface and all other services.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.