Condition Scripts are the section of the Custom Software that allows the Software Deployment to either

A. Go forward with the installation of the Deployment

B. Skip the Deployment on the Device

If you'd like to see the overview of Custom Software as a whole, check out our KB article on Creating Custom Software. 

Addigy offers 2 types of condition scripts Check for a path and Check for an application version

Check for a path

This will check to see if a file or folder exists at the path specified with 2 options, set Failure and set Success

  • Set Failure will only install the Custom Software if the file or folder does not exist on the device. 
  • Set Success will only deploy the Custom Software if the file or folder is already on the device

Check for an application version

This will not only check if the app is on the Device, but it also checks if the app on the device is Older than or Newer than or same as the specified version. 

Just like in Check for a path, Success will make the condition script run if it is True, while Failure will make the script run if it is False.

Below is an example of a Custom Software that will only install if the version of the software on the device is older than 1.2.3 and will skip installation if the current version of the software is the same as 1.2.3 or a greater version than 1.2.3.


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Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.