Addigy will be shipping updates to Self Service (MacManage) on Wednesday October 7, 7am ET / 11am GTM. We have also shipped a number of enhancements to Addigy over the last several months that we wanted to be sure you were aware of. 

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iOS 14 

Apple announced that iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS 14 as well as watchOS 7 are available on Wednesday September 16, 2020. A key change you should be aware of if you are managing devices upgrading to the new iOS versions is that version 14 will default to using a private Wi-Fi address which may impact your environment if you rely on Wi-Fi addresses not changing. Please see this support article for Apple for more details. Addigy has added an addition property to the Wi-Fi payload to enable or disable using a private Wi-Fi address. Use of a private Wi-Fi address is on by default. 

On September 16, 2020 Apple posted updated versions of operating system software license agreements in ABM/ASM. Once the new terms are posted, your organization will NOT be able to enroll devices or deploy apps until an administrator logs in to Apple Business Manager / Apple School Manager and accepts the new terms.

Upcoming Releases

When the date and time for the Agent and Self Service Updates are scheduled, Addigy will post a Maintenance alert including the date and time of the update. Each update will be deployed independently.

Self Service Update

A new version of Self Service (MacManage), will also be deployed soon. This release of Self Service is to address several issues with the new Self Service shipped earlier this summer. Those changes include: 

  • When a chat is started, Self Service will open to the chat itself. Previously Self Service would open and place a blue dot next to "Chat". We had a lot of feedback letting us know opening to the chat itself was the better approach. 
  • The Self Service icon displaying in the menu bar could display very small or display a tiny part of a larger image making it impossible for users to discern what the icon was. The icon you choose for Self Service will now scale properly. 
  • Added capability to push end user prompts to the forefront

We anticipate no user prompts when the new Self Service Deploys

Agent Update (done) 

A new version of the Addigy Agent will be deployed Tuesday, September 29 @ 8 PM US EST. The new version of the agent has had improvements made to reduce the prompts end users have seen in the past when a new version was deployed. With this deployment we expect users to see no prompts.

  • The Addigy Agent has now notarized an internal binary (Go-Agent) following Apple guidance and reducing gatekeeper prompts
  • Addigy Agent is now optimized to reduce prompts overall when executing various commands
  • We've added refined support for VPN and Proxy environments
  • We've introduced a new agent service that uses the following URL If you have firewall rules in place for accessible URLs, you may need to at that URL to your whitelist. The agent will fail to check in if this URL is blocked. 

If you are using a non-Addigy MDM, you should visit Addigy Default PPPC Profile (TCC) KB article to download and deploy the latest PPPC for the Addigy Agent. The upgraded PPPC for the agent is automatically deployed if your devices are enrolled with Addigy MDM.

Recent Enhancements to Addigy

Apps and Books Enhancements 

  • Apps and Books infrastructure improvements (AM-6482)
  • Resolved issue displaying proper sync date and time within Apps and Books integration (AM-6957
  • Support Custom B2B Apps through Apps and Books (AM-6989)
  • Support for Country Code with Apps and Books (AM-6992)
  • Deploy Apps and Books to all supported platforms (AM-6990)
  • Support tvOS app deployment (AM-6993)
  • Support Universal (Mac Catalyst) app deployment (AM-6994)
  • Remove Apps and Books apps that were Removed from Token (AM-6956)
  • List Apps Installed on iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices in GoLive (AM-6568)

Other Addigy Enhancements

  • Azure SSO Integration to login to Addigy Admin Console 
  • Addigy Identity Wifi and Password field handling improvements 
  • Added additional backup paths to TimeMachine MDM Configuration 

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.