Update - 10/19/2020

There are two additional changes that were not announced with this page first went live. Both additions are documented in this section as well as being added to Phase 3 of this rollout. Additionally, we have published an article about GoLive Apps and Books deployment in preparation of release of Deploy Apps and Books Apps with GoLive (AM-7112)

Refresh Data buttons within GoLive (AM-7250)

After working with the new Apps and Books features in our development and QA areas, we will be doing some quality of life changes to our Refresh Data button and adding some additional functionality on the Installed Apps page. We want to ensure that app data is as relevant as possible and make GoLive as up-to-date as possible. To this end, we will be adding a refresh button next to the Installed Apps table and also adding an Application audit to the Refresh Data button at the top of the page.

Change to Behavior with Removing an Apps and Books Token (AM-7228)

In certain scenarios, if an administrator removes an Apps and Books token and then re-uploads the token any apps that had been deployed in that policy will show as still deployed. This causes an issue when we introduce GoLive deployment that an administrator could see apps that are no longer part of the policy. To remedy this, we will ensure cleanup is being done on all policies that an Apps and Books token is removed from. Please note, this will not affect devices that have apps deployed or their licenses. To re-upload the same token, we strongly encourage administrators to migrate to using the Refresh Token button instead of Remove Token.


Within GoLive, Addigy Administrators have tons of functionality at their fingertips. From reviewing information about their devices, to taking action based on that data. GoLive is a one-stop-shop for supporting a single device. Admins who use GoLive typically want to accomplish a specific task. For example, an admin may want to check to see if Pages was installed on a device and if it was missing, deploy that app via GoLive. Doing this workflow today requires several clicks between different tabs in GoLive. 

To address this challenge and allow us to add additional requested capabilities to GoLive, we have some exciting changes coming in the near future! 

What's Changing

With the goal of streamlining workflows, we will be deprecating the Deployments tab and moving deployment actions into tabs with related device information. This change will enhance the relationship between what is known about the device and the actions that can be taken to bring the device to the right configuration.

Deployment of all profile types will be moved under the Profiles tab and deployment of all software will be moved under the Software (Apps) tab. Additionally, these changes will set the foundation to add some additional features in next iterations of GoLive. The end goal of GoLive would look like the screenshot below.

Major Highlights:

  • Installed software and deployment centralized in the Software tab
  • Apps and Books deployment added
  • Installed profiles and deployment centralized in the Profiles tab
  • Profile information is displayed on offline devices
  • Filters persist between tabs like Installed Apps and Smart Software

New Profiles Tab

Profiles tab will be the first tab to undergo these changes. With the first release, we will be moving all deployment options underneath the Profiles tab and adding offline viewing of installed Profiles. The Profile section under Deployments will be getting a warning message stating that this area will be removed in a future release and link to the new Profiles tab. Screenshot of the new Profiles UI is below (iOS Device).

New Software Tab

Software (Apps) tab will be next to release. This tab will be renamed from Apps to Software (Apps) as we make this transition. Like Profiles above, all deployment options will be moved underneath the Software (Apps) tab. The Software tab under Deployments will function the same as the Profiles tab above in messaging and linking to the new location under the Software (Apps) tab. Screenshot of the new Software UI is below (macOS).

Release Plan and Future Functionality

As this is a migration, we want to ensure our users have enough time to get use to these new changes before we start removing buttons from the UI. Below is a list of stages and our plans regarding changes to these tabs.

  • Stage One - Profiles (shipped 9/29/2020)
    • Warning message under Deployments >> Profiles with link to Profiles tab
    • Deployment of profiles moved under Profiles tab
    • Offline viewing of Profiles added
    • Various fixes to filters
  • Stage Two - Software (shipped 10/2/2020)
    • Warning message under Deployments >> Software with link to Software (Apps) tab
    • Change Apps to Software (Apps)
    • Deployment of software moved under Software (Apps) tab
    • Various fixes to filters
  • Stage Three - Apps and Books
    • Add Apps and Books deployment via GoLive to all platforms under Software (Apps) tab (Shipped 10/21/2020 with AM-7112)
    • Modifying behavior of an Apps and Books when Removing the token from a Policy (Shipped 10/28/2020 with AM-7228)
    • Adding and updating refresh data buttons across GoLive
  • Stage Four - Removal of Deployments Tab
    • Remove Deployments tab
    • Change Software (Apps) to Software
    • Change Smart (Custom) Software to Smart Software

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing support@addigy.com.

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.