We are excited to announce the next round of Addigy UI changes! The all new Devices page shipped Saturday December 12 and the next round of Catalog changes is coming shortly. There are a few other changes coming as well.  

We are in the midst of modernizing the entire Addigy UI to simplify how it works and make you more effective. The work on the UI has been ongoing for many months. Changes like the Policy Selector and Device Filtering began to appear earlier this year, first on the Monitoring page, then the System, Applications, and Executive Dashboards.  The new Device Filtering and the enhanced Policy Selector and will now be coming to the Devices page! 

Are there more UI changes coming? Absolutely! As we move towards the close of 2020 look for the rest of the all new catalog to appear. And in 2021 we have some MAJOR enhancements planned for Policies! 


Policy Selector and Device Filter

Devices Page

We have rewritten the Devices page from the ground up and the new version will be arriving very soon, but no sooner than December 1. 

The first thing you'll see when you open the Devices page is the new Policy Selector and Filter that had appeared in other areas of Addigy previously. The Policy Selection and Device Filter settings will be remembered as you move around Addigy. If you've picked a Policy to view and set filters, when you leave and then return to the Devices page, those settings will continue to apply. 

Changes to the Devices page include how we load data from our servers, column selection and ordering, clicking the device name to jump into GoLive, and more. This KB provides the full list of changes in the new Devices page

(Note - the Devices page within Policy will not be changed yet. Look for that to be updated soon.)

Addigy Catalog

The Addigy Catalog UI changes have already begun to arrive with the brand new Custom Facts tab released November 5th. Several things you'll notice immediately are the new "Clone"  and "Usages" options. Clone allows you to quickly make a copy of a catalog item and Usages shows you any Policies, Alerts, Reports, and elsewhere in Addigy the item you are viewing is in use. These capabilities will be coming to all Catalog items over the next 2 months as we ship the rest of the Catalog items. 

The next Catalog piece to arrive will be Smart Software, an extension of our Custom Software. 

You can read about the overall plans for the Catalog here. 

Custom Profiles Deprecation

Step 2 of the Custom Profiles Deprecation will be happening by the end of 2020. Please see this for details. User creation will be moved to a new area within Addigy. Stay tuned for more details. 

Live Desktop and Live Terminal

Starting a few weeks ago and continuing on into December, we will be making several improvements to Live Desktop and Live Terminal. One of the biggest enhancements will be adding Policy controls for LiveDesktop. Look for this feature to release in early December. Additionally, we have put work into reducing the chances that admins will see a black screen with Mojave or newer versions of macOS, made enhancements to multiple connections to devices with LiveDesktop and LiveTerminal, and improved the installation and removal of LiveTerminal.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing support@addigy.com.

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.