Addigy Maintenance jobs are a proactive method to ensure your fleet of devices is always in compliance and healthy. To simplify the scheduling of Maintenance Items, Addigy has added the capability to schedule Items to run based on the Device time. Before this change, Maintenance Items would run based on Addigy Server Time. 

If you would like to enable the new Maintenance Scheduling capability, you may go to Account -> Settings and turn on the new Maintenance Items for your Organization. Existing Maintenance Item settings and the time they run are NOT altered when you enable. 

How does scheduling work currently? 

Current behavior: Addigy Server Time: Scheduled Time: 2pm Central Time (Time zone is based on that of the Admin scheduling the Maintenance Item). The Maintenance Item will run when Addigy Server's current time is 7pm GMT, 2pm CT. 

New: Run On Device's Time Zone: the Maintenance item will run when the device's time is in the 2pm hour when the Addigy Policier process runs. 

New: Time Out After Seconds: set a time limit a Maintenance item can run before the Addigy maintenance-scheduler will cancel it. If the Maintenance item is cancelled, the maintenance.log will reflect that. 

This change allows much better control of when Maintenance Items are run. To enable this new capability Addigy has also changed how running Items is controlled. Items, when added to a Policy, are now distributed to the devices they are to run on along with their schedule. Each time the Addigy Policier runs it also runs a process to determine if any Maintenance Items are to be run in the current hour of the device. This process previously ran server side and would send triggers to devices to run scheduled maintenance items. 

As the running of maintenance items now depends on when the Policer runs, Maintenance Items will run when the Policer executes the first time within the scheduled hour of the Maintenance Item.

Device Time Example: Scheduled Time: 2pm (Time zone of the administrator no longer matters). This maintenance item will run the first time the Policier runs when the device is in the 2pm hour no matter where in the world the device  may be located. The policier runs approximately every 30 minutes .

What happens if a Device is offline when an Item is scheduled to run? 

What if a Maintenance Item Can't Run: A Weekly or Monthly Item scheduled for a day or date at 6am and device is not connected to the internet when the Addigy Policier runs during the 6am hour on the day or date scheduled. The Maintenance Job will not be run on the day or date scheduled. However, the following day at 6am, if the device is connected to the internet and can reach Addigy, the Maintenance Job will run. This is a change in behavior. Previously a Maintenance job would run the next time the device came online. 

What should I expect when the new Maintenance Process is turned on?

Already scheduled maintenance items will continue to run within the hour they are currently scheduled to run. See the Addigy Server Time example above. Also take note of when a Weekly or Monthly Maintenance Item will run if it misses its scheduled time. 

You may change existing Maintenance Items to run on Device time if you wish. New Maintenance Items can be created using either the existing Server Time method or the new Device Time scheduling. 

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.