Are you receiving a prompt similar to below on end-users devices for extended periods of time? (Logo may vary depending on your Self-Service Configuration settings)

There are many moving pieces to the prompting your end users are experiencing. It consists of Apple, Addigy and MDM.

1. Apple -

Apple uses a utility called softwareupdate to perform any and all updates on macOS devices. This utility uses a process called softwareupdate, one that we've noted (through multiple clients and users outside of Addigy or other RMM solutions for macOS, and no RMM tools) can be faulty. The biggest risk this possesses is that the softwareupdate process can run for extended periods of time, this can be from 24 hours to up to 350 hours or above. This issue is reflected through Addigy's prompting, which will be explained in the next point.

2. Addigy - 

Addigy's prompting is handled by our This application handles the GUI (Graphical User Interface) prompt here:

Prompt Picture Here

This prompt is reliant on the process softwareupdate to function properly. This prompt has stayed on end-users screens for multiple days at a time because of the softwareupdate utility faults. This is the source of the cause for the unwanted prompt.

3. MDM - 

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is handling iOS updates, and at its latest is now the method for applying, downloading, and installing updates on M1 macOS devices. Apple appears to be taking this direction for the future of macOS updates as we know them today. Addigy intends to push this (and we've already got this implemented via GoLive, feature as it unfolds through Apple's development team. This new method has its pros and cons, for example, it does not use the faulty softwareupdate utility so we shouldn't see the extended process running and therefore keeping our prompting alive. However, as of now this can only be done per device through GoLive and only works for iOS and M1 Chip macOS devices. Also, on macOS devices, as of this writing, you require an admin username and password to apply and install the update.

What is Addigy doing to alleviate this?

Addigy is taking time to consider all of the options we have available to us through our Engineering and Apple's Engineering of macOS updates. Because of the scope and changes that are happening to Apple's infrastructure, we cannot guarantee a timeline or release date for a solution to what is experienced today. We do have an ongoing investigation via an Apple Feedback (FB7646511) and are awaiting a response or further action from Apple on the matter.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.